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Agency Lab is a world class consulting company for entrepreneurs looking to start and scale online marketing agencies.

Why did we start Agency Lab?

After scaling his online marketing agency Atlas Digital to over 7 figures and serving 100s of clients in the healthcare space, our Founder and CEO Joel Kaplan launched Agency Lab to help others do the same.

He noticed that the education industry for entrepreneurs was filled with coaches who lacked experience and integrity.

He saw an opportunity to come in and disrupt the space by being the opposite.

A coach with real experience as an agency owner that would get people real results (and do the right thing).

Most importantly, he noticed an opportunity to flip the model on it’s head.

Instead of charging for courses, he decided to give them all away for free on YouTube (

watch them here


And only charge for personalized coaching and implementation.

And thus, Agency Lab was born.

Since then we have helped 100+ agency owners scale to the 7 figure run rate.

So in that case, what services does Agency Lab provide?

We believe courses should be forever, and entrepreneurs should only invest in personalized coaching and implementation.

For that, we have two programs:

Agency Lab Flagship

- This is our flagship consulting program to help entrepreneurs start their marketing agencies and scale to 7 figures. We offer +100 coaching calls per month, a community, and direct support with client success coaches.

A.I. Appointments Machine

- This is our flagship implementation program to help entrepreneurs fill up their calendar with qualified appointments using our A.I. Outreach System that can send 100,000 personalized outreach messages per month to prospects. We set everything up for them and then help them manage the system.

What kind of results do we generate?

Through a lot of hard work, talent, and time invested, we have helped over 100 agency owners scale past $100,000 per month and we have also helped HUNDREDS scale past $10,000 per month.

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